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Are you blasting messages about your new app through all your social channels to create awareness and encourage use?


That provides the initial visibility you need.

You’ve let your clients know that they now have access to a free insurance tool. You’ve piqued interest and roused curiosity.

But sometimes it takes a little extra nudge to get people to actually hit download. Here’s when, where and how to do that.

When and Where?

Who are the employees in your office that talk to clients day in and day out?

Your Customer Service Reps.

They are constantly working to make policy changes, handle claims and answer questions.

They’re the problem-solvers.

It’s during these problem-solving conversations that your app can be presented as a piece of the solution.

The best part is that once your clients download the app, they can access information like auto ID cards, policy numbers, carrier information, contact info and more without calling their CSR.

The app empowers clients and frees up CSRs’ time for more problem solving.

I promise, the When-To-Talk-About-Your-App equation is super simple:

  1. Identify the problem your client is having.
  2. Identify whether/how the app can help.
  3. Share this app feature with your client.
  4. Suggest they download the app as a way to make their lives easier.

Here are a few opportunities you might be missing out on (and there are plenty more where this came from).


Opportunity One: CSR is talking to their client about adding new drivers.

The app lets each individual driver in the house assume responsibility for their own insurance, even though everyone is on the same policy. They can take pictures of their vehicle, VIN#, license plate and auto ID card. In case of an accident, the app walks them through exactly what to do, allows them to create a claim report and immediately shares that report with their agent. This helps with faster claims processing and eases the stress of an accident. All of these features are especially helpful for younger drivers and for businesses that have commercial auto policies with multiple drivers.

Opportunity Two: CSR is talking to their client about a weather-related claim.

The app stores necessary communication information, like your insurance agent’s phone number and email, that you can access in just a click. It also stores all your policy information that you’ll need access to if something terrible happens, like a tree branch falling on your car.

Opportunity Three: CSR is talking to their client about adding a recently purchased boat to the policy.

The app lets you snap pictures and record information, like cost and manufacturer, about newly purchased items. The pictures and information can be sent directly to your insurance agent so they know to add this item to your policy. Having this information on hand also speeds up the claims process in the event that something bad happens to their new boat…..like it sinks.

Opportunity Four: CSR is talking to their client about renters insurance.

The app lets you keep track of what stuff you have and how much it’s worth. If someone breaks into your apartment and steals some of your stuff, you’ll know what was stolen and how much it cost. This helps ease stress and speeds up the claims processing.

Opportunity Five: CSR is talking to their client about paying their premium.

The app lets you pay your bills in just a few clicks. Don’t search for the right number anymore; go directly to the app, find your carrier and click to call/pay your bill.

Why This Works

Talking about your app on social media, email, your website and other social channels is important.

I take that back; it’s necessary. It introduces the app and its features to your clients.

Capitalizing on these one-on-one conversations between CSRs and clients is taking it to a new (and more effective) level.

Essentially, you’re narrowing in on how certain app features make that specific client’s life better.

Do that and you can sit back and watch the downloads roll in.

One More Resource

To make life even easier, we have pre-made scripts for your staff that are ready for use!

The scripts detail what your staff can say (and when) to encourage app downloads.

Find them in the Resources & Guides Section of your Agency Dashboard.