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How do I sign-up to deploy Insurance Agent App for my agency?

Sign-up starts by clicking the “Buy Now” button on the Plan that is appropriate for your agency on the Pricing Tab.  From there the sign-up process takes 10-15 minutes.

Select a person from your agency to complete the sign-up process and oversee your agency’s “Administrator” of Insurance Agent App. The Admin learns how the app works, manages the dashboard, and maximizes use of the app features with clients. The Admin must have a valid email address and will need to create a password. This will be the Admin dashboard login. If you’re not sure which plan fits, have multiple locations, or more than 25 employees please Contact Us.

Is there a contract/commitment?

No, there is no contract. Your subscription is month-to-month.

What if we add employees and need to change plans?

Easy to do….. We simply charge you the difference between the Plan set-up fees, and adjust your subscription fee to the new monthly amount.

What if our number of employees does not match the plan for number of locations we have?

Please call us to discuss – we’re easy to work with – 980.288.7723

What is the sign-up process?
  1. Click the “Buy Now” button on the InsuranceAgentApp.com website.
  2. Create Agency Account. The Admin creates their login and password and enters relevant agency info, including their agency management system.
  3. Select the Plan that fits your agency & pay: 
      • Micro, Small, Medium, Large, Advanced, Super. 
      • Enter Credit card info to complete this step… billing address, etc.
      • That’s it for Quick Start! You’re ready to fine-tune for launch!
  4. Enter Agency Profile Info to display in-app: Agency Name, email address, phone #, street address. Additional Preferred Links and App Branding Image can be added later from your dashboard.
  5. Click “Next” or “Finish” on steps 3 (Invite Agents), 4 (Add Carriers), and 5 (Invite Customer). You will complete these steps from your dashboard after sign-up.

If you want to complete all 5 steps… Go for it! Either way is fine.

    • If you get interrupted by a phone call – no worries. Just click next and finish to complete the sign-up.
    • When you finish sign-up, you’ll land on your dashboard where the steps for adding social links, carriers, logo image etc. can be added anytime from anywhere. If you log-out of your dashboard you’ll need to login with your admin email and password at www.InsuranceAgentApp.com
    What happens after my agency signs-up?
    1. Make sure your mobile app is ready to go by checking that your agency information is complete and correct.

      Start with the PROFILE tab on your agency dashboard and check spelling, email
      Upload and format your image (tips and hints are on the page) for optimal viewing.
      Check that agent/service representative lists are complete and correct
      Check CARRIER Tab to ensure all Insurance Companies have been added.

    2. Send a test invite to download your agency-branded mobile app: On your CUSTOMER tab send invites to a few select customers, employees and yourself. Download the app and do a quick re-check of all your information and links.
    3. If everything looks good, you’re ready to populate the Customer Tab with the Agency’s client list. There are two ways to do this: 

    INTEGRATION – If we integrate with your agency management system your customer list will populate when Insurance Agent App syncs with your agency management system. Your agency management system integration will add an agency’s customers during the initial sync on the INTEGRATIONS Tab of your Insurance Agent web dashboard.

    Integrating with your agency management system is the LAST set-up task the Admin will execute prior to deploying Insurance Agent App to clients.

    Once the integration is complete, active clients with active policies will receive an email invite to install Insurance Agent App.  If your agency uploaded a customer list on the Customer Tab, those policyholders will immediately receive their email invite to install Insurance Agent App.

    CSV UPLOAD – If Insurance Agent App is not integrated with your agency management system the Admin will upload the agency’s customer list in a CSV file format.