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The Insurance App : Impacting the Agency, client and Industry…

Optimized Website vs. Insurance Apps : Why You Need Both

Updated Excerpt from IA Magazine Oct 3, 2016  Jacquelyn Connelly

Understand the marketing role of the insurance app and optimized website to take the greatest advantage of them. Adopting mobile technology will keep agencies on par with evolving insurance trends. Learn how to keep your customers close and and your value to each other high.

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Tech Talk: Digital Transformation 2.0


September 19, 2016

Read Tom’s highlights from the digital revolution study or read the full report below

“…agents can no longer put off upgrading their websites, adding mobile apps and 24/7 availability. Just as important, they say, is that such actions must be based on a clear digital strategy that’s tailored to each agency.”


Insurance: Digital Information Study  

By The Insurance Digital Revolution organization www.digitalinsurancerevolution.org

August 2016

A must ready survey conducted by the insurance industry to understand agents’ use of technology today and how they      need to transform to best serve their customers. Agencies willing to adapt have the ability to thrive.

Technology: The Clock’s Ticking
Don’t Let Mobile Catch You Napping.

By Nancy Doucette

July 2016

Rough Notes Customer Service means delivering the best experience possible and the features of an Insurance app allow for greater personalization and the ability to do business and connect with the agency when and where they want to.


By | July 11, 2016 Insurance Journal      Hear from Steve Anderson and Chris Paradiso about minimum levels of digital competency for agencies in today’s market. Agencies must meet the engagement needs of an ever widening market. You don’t have to do everything but you do have do something. Insurance Apps are only one small part of the evolving tools of today’s customer

Understanding and Selling to Millennials They may search digitally, but value the client centric customer experience they’ve come to expect from other businesses and a whopping 76% say a mobile app for service and information is very important!

Tech Talk: Mobile Apps Featured on ACORD Tech Talk: Insurance mobile app expert Kiki Johnson gives us the lowdown on how apps look from both the business and consumer points of view, and what you need to have in mind when launching your own. http://bcove.me/m9200m2l

PODCAST: Insurance Agent App Insurance Agent Mobile Application co-founder, Kiki Johnson was a recent guest on the On Point Podcast hosted by Peter van Aartrjik and Rick Morgan. Kiki discusses the race with carriers and directs to engage and contain customers inside insurance mobile apps, explains what’s at stake and who’s setting client expectations (hint, it’s not the insurance industry). The podcast, sponsored by Insurance Journal, hosts insurance thought leadershttp://www.insurancejournal.tv/videos/12253/

Going mobile: ‘The tipping point is close’ | PropertyCasualty360 Jan 5,2014 Michael Voelker – Agency success stories: using a branding app to offer more services to customers and Agency Management system apps to allow agents to get more business done anytime anywhere.

Digital destiny: What your agency needs to do right now to become more competitive | PropertyCasualty360 Jan 2, 2015 Shawn Moynihan with Melissa Hillebrand – Learn how digital leader Logan Lavelle Hunt utilized their branded mobile app to offer additional services to customers and reduce operating costs.

Shopping, Productivity and Messaging Give Mobile Another Stunning Growth Year Furry Analytics Jan 6 2015 Mobile users focus sights on mobile apps that help them get things done – newest analytics show stunning growth for shopping and productivity apps. The insurance industry as a whole needs to understand how consumers use apps and anticipate meeting those same needs just like every other business.

How Customer Agency Apps Can Enhance the Client Experience By Sydney Roe. Personalized, faster, easier.

Mobile Moments – Are You Ready  By Chris Paradiso

Everett Insurance Agency Unveils Own Mobile App

Agents Keep Up: How People Use Mobile Technology to Communicate and More By Tom Wetzel

2014 Big Idea: Insurance Needs To Catch Up With the Timesby Steve Anderson

MultiChannel Engagement

Mobile a Key Piece to Insurance Industry’s Customer Experience Puzzle By Rodney Johnson