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Target Practice -Different Customer Segments Find Value in Different Features   

Your customers are the bread and butter of your agency. But they don’t become brand ambassadors right out of the gate. There’s an obvious progression that takes place from the interested prospect who buys his first policy with you to the customer who heavily advocates your brand. And recognizing these various steps and segments of customers enables you to market to each one effectively and with purpose.

We’re going to break down the various segments of customer loyalty and explain how to use your mobile app to move clients up the customer loyalty ladder.

Potential Customers

This group needs the most amount of information and education about your company, its offerings and potential benefits. This is where a strong (and mobile optimized) website and good SEO is critical.  Potential Customers don’t know much about what you can do for them, and need to get past the identity barrier to give you business. Whether they’ve already showed some interest or simply fit your target audience, show off your customer service and provide a memorable experience to form a relationship.

How to do it: When engaging with new customers be sure to expand the relationship beyond the policy and detail. You’re a trusted advisor for their personal or business interests. While the website was the source of info as a prospect you can introduce the mobile app as their go-to resource for their individual needs. Discuss its convenience and capabilities, including ways you’ll stay in touch and how they can manage their policies and create accident reports. You’re helping them be prepared wherever they are in a manner most convenient to them. Plus the app is their secure container to store documents and property information in addition to policy information. Talk about how much more personalized every touch point becomes with the mobile app.

Repeat Customers

The goal after acquiring a new customer is to build the relationship to gain more business and referrals. To keep their attention you must give them attention – a critical piece to turning them into multi-line customers. You’re building a relationship that ensures they think of you first, for their insurance needs. Touch points are mixed between personalized and broad to show the range of value and services you provide. Repeat customers become loyal customers so regular touch is very important.

How to do it: Your mobile app can be a way to engage or re-engage Repeat Customers. One way to do this is with push notifications, reminding them to update their information, pay their bill or direct them to an article on your website. Target push notifications to specific groups of customers with news and information relevant to their circumstances. Utilize the smart features to point out the robust functionality on the app and give them the service they expect while they’re on the go.

Loyal Customers

You’ve already earned these customer’s trust and support. They’re likely already openly endorsing you to their family and friends. Now you have to work to maintain an emotional connection that they identify with your brand. Just because they’ve been loyal doesn’t mean you should assume they’ll stay with you forever–you have to stay committed to providing personalized experiences to show you care.

How to do it: We advise you target your app and its capabilities to the needs of your most loyal customers, since they’re the ones using it the most. These users are great for conducting regular “app audits” to ensure its capabilities are meeting customer’s needs and shows Loyal Customers you value their involvement by asking for feedback. Let your best customers know you don’t take them for granted and are looking out for them by engaging them with relevant content and push notifications that present you as the advisor they trust.