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Increase customer retention

Reduce basic service inquiries by up to 65%

5-minute QQCatalyst integration!

Integrated since 2014

BOTH Personal & Commercial Lines Policies

Member of Vertafore’s Orange Partner Program

All policy data and ID cards sync regularly with Insurance Agent App from QQCatalyst

Policy coverages, limits & deductible data are immediately displayed in-App for clients

With one login, clients can access all policies for all companies

No company logins required for clients to see policy data

Connected to all carriers for bill pay & claims

Reduce service workload. Increase retention.



Check out what your customers can do in your app!

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Increase Customer Retention

A 5% boost in customer retention can lead to increases of 25%+ in profitability.  Customer experience drives loyalty. Insurance Agent App helps you reduce service friction, increase convenience, transform customer experience, & improve retention.

“I have a 96% retention rate among customers who are also app users.” – Chris Paradiso, Agency Owner

Reduce Your Service Workload

With always up-to-date information at their fingertips, customers love the freedom and flexibility of your custom branded app, and you’ll love reducing basic service inquiries by up to 65%. 

“More and more clients are asking if we have an app, and are thrilled when they find out they can see and do everything in our app.” – Ryan A., Agency Owner

Keep it EASY for your clients

 Don’t force clients to establish carrier web portal login credentials to see their policy data in your app…
Our API integrations mean your customers’ policy data is pre-loaded into the app for immediate access by clients. No company logins needed!

“This app is very helpful to us as an agency. Not only does it make us more accessible to our clients, but it’s also helping us clean up our data… which is a very good thing.” – Rachel H., Agency Owner

Empower Your Customers

With Insurance Agent App, you give your clients 24/7 access  to policy information, ID cards, certification requests, change requests, and so much more – all from the convenience of their mobile device.

Check out what your customers can do in your app!

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Everything Everywhere All at Once

Insurance Agent App: 10 years as an Orange Partner Program member

providing QQCatalyst agencies easy client servicing via a mobile customer service platform and is now available to policyholders en Español!

QQCatalyst’s longest-running API partner, the Insurance Agent App mobile customer service platform, provides instant policy details and a range of client engagement tools to increase agency productivity and retention.

Insurance Agent App’s integration with QQCatalyst is unique because it keeps independent agents at the center-point of the relationship between carriers, agents, and policyholders.  Equally important: Set-up / onboarding is fast and easy – “It’s the easiest tech integration we’ve ever done. Within 15 minutes of onboarding, policy data populated the app for every customer”.

Sun Insurance Services of Orlando, FL, deployed Insurance Agent App in 2014.  Back then Principal Jim Brandt was driving with three of his young grandkids when he realized it was much quieter than normal in the back seat. When Jim glanced in the rear-view mirror, he saw they were all heads-down on their mobile devices. Jim had an “AH-HA” moment and realized an integrated app would be the access point of the future.  Jim knows Insurance Agent App separates his agency from the competition, and cost-effectively increases agency productivity, service capabilities and retention. As a Florida agency, the Inventory feature and Spanish language options are just icing on the cake.

Deep integration with QQCatalyst means from the moment clients tap on an agency’s branded Insurance Agent App – ALL personal and commercial policy data – including limits, coverages and deductibles as well as VEHICLE ID cards – are pre-loaded and accessible. Insurance Agent App has a range of features including: 2-way document and image sharing, vehicle, property and workplace accident reports, along with change & COI requests.

Winners of several InsurTech innovation awards, Insurance Agent App drives innovation within their core mobile application by continually re-engineering user-experience, security and functionality to reinforce the value of working with an independent agent.

Now available en Español and Polish – with more language options coming soon.

Happy Anniversary Insurance Agent App!


Leading Agencies Trust Insurance Agent App.

“This is the app my agency uses because it changes the playing field for us and our clients”

Mike Stromsoe

Stromsoe Insurance Agency

“Our app has more robust capabilities than insurance carrier apps.”

Claudia McClain

McClain Insurance Services

“This is one of the most important pieces of tech in my agency. It’s how we service our clients!”

George Toney


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