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The Story Behind Insurance Agent App

We Are Building The Next-Generation App

Because agents and carriers deserve it – and clients expect it

Insurance Agent is a product of Blue I, LLC headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and operated by a team with traditional and start-up business-building experience. Aside from being mobile developers, we are policyholders and business people too.

We listened to frustrated policyholders unable to make simple requests from their smartphone. We heard agencies that didn’t have the time, money or resources to meet those requests. And we talked to companies that wanted to support their distribution channel and the policyholder. So we built a solution that works hard for everyone.

Insurance is important and complex but that doesn’t mean every step has to be complicated. We’re changing productivity, engagement and connectivity for the policyholder, agency and company. You’ll see. Life is better when things get done faster and easier, right when you need it. We’ve got your back.

Meet Our Team

Matt Aaron

Kiki Johnson

Frank Sentner

Our Partners Help Us Make It Happen

Some of the Most Impressive Companies in Insurance

Adopting new technology is important to growing your business. Finding the right companies to work with will get you there faster and more efficiently. Here are a few companies and organizations we work with that can help with content creation, agency performance, efficiency, websites, online exposure and more.