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We’ve got a ton of independent agency principals who love what our product does for their agency. Check out their testimonials!

“I was in a car accident and was so frazzled I didn’t know what to do! Your app took me through the steps of what to take pictures of and what info to collect. It was a relief to have everything in one place and reminders to take pictures of the license plate and damage to the other car…wouldn’t have thought of that”

- Florida App User & Policyholder

Hear How Insurance Agent App Helps Agents Like Chris Paradiso, Owner Of Paradiso Insurance, and Mike Stromsoe, Owner of Stromsoe Insurance Agency!

Hear From Agency-Owners

“I had an epiphany in my own personal life with my grown children,” he says. “We were driving in our car and they were all on their smartphones and I asked what were they doing? “We’re paying bills and buying tickets, just about everything we need is right here. That simple incident convinced me that if my agency was to grow and attract new clients, we had to embrace the smartphone and do it quickly and in the right way.”
Jim Brandt

Sun Insurance Services Orlando, FL

“Our agency app allows them to maintain all of their insurance information in one place, regardless of their choice of company. Also, should they choose to change companies in the future, they can still keep their McClain Insurance Agent app and simply update their company information. And quite frankly, our app has more robust capabilities especially on the home inventory and accident reporting features than most of our insurance carrier apps.”
Claudia McClain

McClain Insurance Services Everett, WA

“I love promoting things to agents that work. IMO, every agent at IAOA needs your app.”

Bob Klee


“Agents must streamline their mobile technology, no question,” says Ron Berg, executive director at ACT – Agents Council for Technology. “In fact, agents need to be in front of insurance buyers in their use of smartphones, not behind as they are now. It’s not happening fast enough.”

Ron Berg

Executive Director, Agents for Council for Technology

“Thanks for taking care of our questions so quickly. Excellent service and response.”

John J Warn

Rue Insurance