With Insurance Agent App’s HawkSoft integration, displaying client data within your own custom-branded mobile app is a breeze. Here’s everything you need to know…

One glaring oversight in the technology most independent agencies use is the lack of a full-featured, client-facing service platform. That’s why Insurance Agent App puts insurance services in the palm of the policyholder’s hand, providing a quick and intuitive way for them to get in touch with their agent, pay bills, submit claims, and – best of all – share details about the agency with family and friends.  

And because of Insurance Agent App’s integration with HawkSoft, agencies that use this popular management system can look forward to out-of-the-box capabilities!

Every insurance agency has goals to reduce service workload, increase retention, and empower customers – while maintaining a good ROI. Insurance Agent App, with its deep integration with HawkSoft, delivers on those goals.

Why Your Agency Should Add Insurance Agent App Integrated with HawkSoft

During the current period of uncertainty in the global economy, your insurance agency competes with thousands of others for a limited pool of clients. To gain a competitive edge, you need to offer products and value-added services with your customers’ needs in mind. 

When you realize that it’s 5X more expensive to acquire new clients than it is to retain existing ones, it makes good sense to use tech tools that will help increase retention. Deploying a mobile app that makes it convenient for customers to access services is a great way to enhance customer loyalty.

Insurance Agent App is HawkSoft’s first API partner – that means we know the HawkSoft system extremely well, so we can deliver a host of benefits for your agency and clients.

How to Take Advantage of Insurance Agent App’s HawkSoft Integration

In just a few minutes (and with just a few clicks), you can connect your HawkSoft CMS with your Insurance Agent App. After that, automated updates happen throughout the day. 

  • Client data is transferred directly to the app – no extra effort on your part!
  • Policy updates are shown in the app soon after they’re made in HawkSoft.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll be able to empower your customers by offering 24/7 access to their insurance information and improve their user experience while you reduce your agency’s service load.

Noteworthy Benefits of Insurance Agent App

In addition to easy integration with HawkSoft, Insurance Agent App offers a range of features to service your clients’ insurance needs.  

Here are some of the benefits your clients (and your agency) can look forward to…

1. Instant Access to Policy Information

Detailed policy data from HawkSoft for BOTH personal and commercial LOBs is seamlessly, securely, and reliably delivered to your customers on Insurance Agent App’s “Policies Tab.” No more basic service calls asking if someone is covered for this or that!

2. Digital ID Cards

Insurance Agent App has an “ID Cards Tab” that displays all vehicle proof of insurance associated with vehicle policies in an agency’s HawkSoft system. Clients can also add their own images of health insurance IDs or vehicle registration, etc. Having their IDs quickly available also makes it easier for clients to exchange data at the scene of an accident or as proof of insurance at a car rental counter.

3. Easy Bill Pay, Payment Reminders, and Alerts

No one wants to jeopardize their insurance coverage by failing to make a payment. However, with busy schedules and many other needs competing for a client’s attention, it is easy for them to forget to submit their insurance premiums. With your app, policyholders can set bill payment reminders so that users can quickly pay their premiums and receive payment confirmation then and there. Insurance Agent App connects to all insurance company bill-pay sites, making it easy to submit payment. What’s important is that your clients go through your agency-branded app to pay their carrier.

4. Easy Claims Reporting

Insurance Agent App has functionality for your clients to submit Vehicle Accident, Property Incident, and Workplace Accident reports via the “Accidents & Claims Tab.” Clients can easily document what happened with images and voice-to-text functionality. PDF reports are shared with your agency so a claim can quickly and easily be reported. The sooner a claim gets filed, the better your agency’s loss-ratio will be….

5. 24/7 Communication and Engagement

With instant call, text, and email functionality, the app enhances client-agency communication. No one expects your agency to be “open” at 2:30 a.m. But, if your clients want to engage with your agency at that time, it’s OK to help them do so on their terms. The whole goal should be to reduce client friction. If someone wants to submit a change or COI request, let them do it on their schedule. Insurance Agent App facilitates that engagement!

6. Simplified Property Inventory

Agencies always remind clients to document their property, but they rarely offer ways to do that. Insurance Agent App’s “Property Inventory Tab” is a full-service inventory feature for clients to document what’s important to them. When an inventory report is shared with an agency, producers and CSRs can quickly spot areas that are opportunities for up-sell and cross-sell of additional policy elements. Now when you remind clients to properly document their property, you are proactively advising them to secure what is really important to them.

7. Easy Referrals

When your agency-branded mobile app users have a great experience with your services, they are highly likely to tell their contacts about your services. A Nielsen report shows that 92% of consumers trust referrals they receive from people they know. By giving your users the ability to share the application with their connections, the app acts as a referral engine, helping you expand your customer base and build your reputation as a trustworthy, forward-thinking business.

8. Custom Branding & Featured Links

In an industry full of competing insurance agents, it can sometimes be challenging to stand out from the crowd. However, you can set up your agency’s customized branding and accent colors with the Insurance Agent App, along with opportunities to drive your clients to websites of your choice with our preferred icons: Social Media, Google Review, What’s App, Appointment Calendar, Get A Quote, 3rd Party Payment Processors, etc.


The right technology can make all the difference in how you serve your clients. So, if your agency runs on HawkSoft and you’re interested in a mobile app service platform, Insurance Agent App is the way to go. With affordable monthly pricing, reliable integration with HawkSoft, and stellar support, Insurance Agent App will dramatically enhance the way you engage with your clients so you can retain them for the long haul. 

Learn more about why Insurance Agent App is the best mobile app for HawkSoft agencies and schedule a demo today!