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That’s a pretty bold statement.

Your mobile app helps you make money AND retain clients.

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I mean, how does that work?

So far, you may have only thought of an app as a necessary fee to stay “in tune” with the digital world, compete against digital only agency or maybe you’re ahead of the curve and realize mobile accessibility is table stakes.

If you have, you’re on the right track. Moving your agency into the mobile space is so necessary in today’s world.

But not because it keeps your agency “relevant” in the 21st century.

A mobile app is necessary because it helps you retain your customers and increase productivity. Connectivity and automation are key to the policyholder experience.

When a huge chunk of your business comes from customer referrals (and we all know it does), you want to retain as many customers as possible.

Ok, so how does a mobile app help you retain customers?

I promise, the super secret formula isn’t as mysterious as you’d think:

Engage + Contain = Retain

Let’s break that down.


What is the one thing people always have with them?

Their smartphone.

And not only do they have it basically attached to their bodies, they’re very comfortable doing everything on it! From paying bills to creating claim reports they’re expecting to be able to do most tasks on their device. Insurance ads make mobile access an expected level of service.


Why aren’t you taking advantage of this? When you allow customers to easily get things done it makes them happy and it saves the staff time to work more productively.

Occupying real estate on someone’s smartphone is huge.

If you haven’t taken advantage of it, you’re missing out.

Here’s another way of thinking about it: the longer you demand that customers engage with you on your terms, the quicker you’ll lose them.

We already know people love using their phones. So why not be where they want you to be when they  need you.

Don’t force them to come to you. Go to them.

The insurance industry as a whole can do so much better at engaging with people where and how they want to be engaged. Get clients quickly to their infomation, agency information, forms, policy data, change requests, ID.

And it can start with something as simple as a mobile app.


Ok, so we know how important a mobile app is.

Now you might be thinking: “The insurance companies I work with have mobile apps. Perfect. I’ll just have my customers download their mobile apps. Cheap, easy and it’ll make them happy.”

Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?

Except that you’ve now just made yourself and your agency irrelevant.

You’ve just given your chance at establishing prime mobile real estate up to a carrier.

Every time they tap their phone and see that insurance company’s app icon – who will your customer think about? You can bet it won’t be you. The truth is, most policyholders see the carrier logo more often then yours.

However, when your customer uses your app to pay their insurance bill, file a claim, use their POI, build a property inventory, send you a change of policy request or even call you, they will see your branding and think of you. Be the connector. Your app keeps you front and center.

Do you really want an insurance company app helping them do those things… are you sure you want to give up those easy touch points?

And when another agency comes along with a different sales pitch – will the idea of losing the ease of doing business with your agency be an issue if you don’t’ have your app that makes insurance easy? Nope.

This is why it’s so important for your agency to have your own mobile app.

It keeps you in between the customer and the carrier (and maybe even other agencies).

It makes you relevant. And it makes you necessary. And it gives clients a way to experience insurance beyond an insurance bill and a declariation page they don’t understand.

There’s one more pressing, but slightly technical way in which an agency mobile app can help you contain your customers: it keeps them away from Google.

Google is where your customers become fair game to other insurance agencies and companies.

How? Cookies.

No, not the delicious, chocolate chip kind; the annoying kind. The digital cookies that sneakily embed themselves in your browser.

When they perform an insurance search, they’re cookie-d as an “insurance consumer.”

That cookie then alerts relevant businesses (aka other insurance agencies or companies) to show your customer their advertisements.

Without an agency mobile app, your customers will probably Google you for whatever information they need.  And your website cannot give them the advanced tools and technology customers want.

Google is a digital battlefield. It’s where you have to be to attract new customers, but it’s not where you want to send your current customers.

With a mobile app you put a nice wall around your customers that shields them from the onslaught of online insurance advertisements.

With a mobile app, you keep them CONTAINED in your agency.


Mobile app engagement keeps your agency at the top of your customers’ minds.

Mobile app containment makes you necessary and makes your customers less vulnerable to other agencies and companies.

When you’re engaging with a customer in the way they want and decreasing their exposure to your competition, you’re much more likely to retain their business.

Engage + Contain = Retain.

It’s as simple as that.

The more customers you retain, the more cost saving opportunities you create, the more money in your pocket.