It’s not enough to provide policyholders with a mobile app. What’s critical is that you’re delivering the insurance mobile app features and benefits that really matter to them and your agency. 

Smartphones have become so vital to our everyday lives because of the efficiency and convenience they offer. They make it easy for users to do tasks on their devices concurrently and at any time. That’s why every business now wants to deploy a mobile app so they can better engage and serve customers. 

The insurance industry has the potential to be among the biggest beneficiaries of the love people have for their smartphones. By deploying an agency-branded mobile app, independent insurance agencies like yours can leverage the convenience and efficiency of the smartphone to streamline communication with clients, improve quality of service, and provide easy access to carrier services… all while remaining the point person of the customer relationship. 

Plus, in a digital world, a mobile app allows you to contain your customers in an environment that prevents them from being retargeted on the internet (but that’s a different story). 

That said, not all apps are created equal. So, if you’re interested in purchasing an app for your own agency, you need to be sure you pick the right one.  

Here are the top 5 insurance mobile app features (and benefits) you should look for…

1. 24/7 Access to Helpful Resources

Policyholders want to know they can access their insurance information at any time. And if they can do so by opening an app on their phone and tapping a button, that’s even better. That’s why you should look for an app that allows your clients to have helpful resources and tools at their fingertips 24/7.

An insurance app can be a lifesaver for your clients when an emergency comes up. It enables them to act quickly and easily. The right app will give them the ability to pull up their ID card, create an incident report, upload related documents or multimedia, get access to their insurance company, and so forth. 

This is one of the most important insurance mobile app features to have because it gives clients greater control and saves them time. Plus, it lets them address many nonessential requests on their own. Instead of having to call your office, they can just open the app and find exactly what they’re looking for.  

2. Bill Payment and Automated Reminders

Man and woman seated at table with mobile device as they pay bills


To be the most proactive and modern insurance agency possible, you need an app that includes bill payment and allows clients to set automated reminders for themselves. Make no mistake, this is one of the most basic requirements for an app, and something your customers will expect. This feature helps clients make payments easily and on time. Ideally, the feature should be able to be customized to each user’s preferences and deliver timely notifications when their premium due date is near.

For instance, the client should have the option to connect their calendar to the app.

You would be surprised just how forgetful people get (or maybe not). Many still miss regular payments such as membership fees, subscriptions, and rent because they forget to set reminders. An insurance app can be an all-in-one tool that the user can rely on to pay their bills on time and with ease.

3. Electronic ID Storage

Everyone dreads the moment when they need to provide their insurance information. Usually, they’re forced to shuffle through papers in the glove box to find the hard copy. That’s why immediate access to electronic ID cards is one of the insurance mobile app features you should look for. Electronic ID storage via the app allows clients to access their insurance accounts on the go 24/7 – no paper needed.

With smartphone in hand and app installed, your customers can access all their insurance information when they need to. But being able to present an electronic ID isn’t just convenient. It can also save your clients time and money. In most places, getting pulled over without proof of insurance will result in a ticket and possibly a court appearance.

Although your clients may not know it, electronic IDs have become mainstream. All states have made it legal to show digital proof of insurance. So, it is crucial now more than ever that you provide your customers with an app that has this capability. After all, life is easier for everyone when physical cards aren’t needed. And with an app, electronic ID storage is on another level.

(Since insurance covers the car, it’s worth advising your clients to store the paper ID in the vehicle if there are multiple drivers.)

4. One-Tap Policy Updates

Renewing, updating, and modifying an insurance policy should never be a confusing pile of paperwork or series of hoops to jump through. Policyholders should be able to make policy change requests with ease instead of having to file paperwork or forward communications to multiple departments. That’s why, as you shop around for an app, you should mark this down as one of your must-have insurance mobile app features. 

The app you choose should simplify the process of submitting policy change requests for every type of coverage a customer has. This will treat users to a personalized insurance experience they’ll appreciate. If you give users the ability to easily request changes, with access to all the information they need via an app, they will always find a reason to keep the app installed and up to date.

Ultimately, it’s about improving self-service and eliminating hassle.

5. In-App Claim Reports

Person takes photo of car accident to submit a claim with insurance mobile app feature.

Finally, among the other must-have insurance mobile app features listed here is in-app claim report creation and filing capabilities. The app you deploy should enable policyholders to track their insurance claims and monitor any progress. More importantly, it should let the user file a claim by following simple instructions on the app.

An efficient insurance app should make filing a claim faster and more straightforward. This not only allows customers to submit claims as soon as events happen but also makes it easier for you to process them.  

Before the claim is filed, users should have the option to seek advice and directions from their agents by sharing reports right in the app. An app that allows for sharing, tracking, and accessing information during a claim streamlines the process and saves everyone time and effort.

Your agency is a custodian of the policyholder’s most important information. When they have your app, users are guided through the process of building a claim report step by step. It’s like you’re right there helping them and showing them what to do.   

Final Thoughts

The efficiency of an insurance app largely depends on the features it packs. And the insurance mobile app features listed here are crucial. Avoiding these basic and key elements could result in purchasing and offering a mobile app that does more harm than good. 


By either delivering a poor user experience or not providing the essential capabilities your policyholders demand. 

The good news is the Insurance Agent App offers all these capabilities and more. If you’re shopping for an app, it’s well worth finding out how our platform works. Schedule a demo today.