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Do Your Customers Hear More From the Competition?

Many agencies are leaving a gaping hole in their customer journey map. New digital marketers and directs are quickly adapting new strategies to touch your customers more often than you by providing valuable information – that should come from you – to engage your clients. They are marketing machines and are reaching out to your clients continually… Are you? Too many agencies focus so heavily on getting new customers that existing clients, especially millennials, feel disengaged or indifferent about their insurance provider because they don’t perceive additional value. 

If you aren’t making touch points after issuing a policy, you’re allowing your competitors to infiltrate your territory and influence your customers. This gives them the opportunity to sway your customers when it’s time to buy or renew insurance. Not making periodic value added touch points with your customers also affects your ability to build brand loyalty. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are you doing to create an experience between renewals and policy changes? Do you share information to get your clients to take action? An example would be to share written articles or content pieces that are relevant to them.
  • What help and guidance do you offer clients at the moment of a claim? Do they know what to do? Who to call?  Do you have a short- and long-term follow-up process after a claim?
  • How is your agency helping clients see the benefit of their policy in a creative way?
  • What are you doing to let customers know you and their insurance are working on their behalf all the time? 

Too many customers receive more communication from companies and directs than they do from their own independent agent. Independent agents can and should be delivering similar technology to what carriers and directs are using to build customer relationships: provide online quotes, real-time answers, reminder texts and better claims tools.

Independent Agents must excel in the relationship race in order to remain the distribution channel of choice. To hold onto, strengthen  and add new relationships agents must provide new communication channels and meet and exceed customer expectations.

It’s time for independent agents to add proactive engagement to the entire customer experience journey. It is important for agencies to create a customized experience and it starts with letting clients know you’re there for them every step of the way. When you go above and beyond, you’ll gain traction as a loyal, trustworthy and dependable partner.

As a marketer, you can build deeper relationships with customers by staying in touch and sending notifications is one key way. These high-value touch points can be personalized and automatically reach the consumer, instead of getting lost in the junk folder.

A mobile app enables the policyholder to take action and create something tangible when it comes to their personalized insurance experience. Clients can create an inventory for their art or wine collection, update their motorcycle information and store information for another family member. The tools available with the Insurance Agent app lets them know that their insurance agency is in their pocket.

What are you waiting for? When you’re ready to engage and connect with your clients throughout their entire insurance journey, let us know. We’d love to see you stand out in a crowded field and beat the competition.