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Why You Should Incorporate Push Notifications Into Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

When you get a new “like” on Facebook, you may receive a push notification or mobile alert. Push notifications are incredibly valuable when it comes to marketing and communication outreach and admit it — it’s exciting to get an alert even if it is a “like” from your great aunt.

When done right, push notifications make a huge impact, When done wrong, they can be very damaging. The right push notification is relevant, adds value, builds trust and creates an information connection between you and your customer. That’s why what you send should be carefully considered. It’s also a way to show clients you genuinely care by sending relevant, targeted messages. But first, you have to know what your audience wants and find the right balance when it comes to message value, frequency and tone.

Have commercial clients? Consider asking them to take a quick five question survey to make sure their policy is up-to-date and on target:

  1. Has your business grown since our last renewal?
  2. Have you added any buildings that need to be insured?
  3. Have you added any vehicles?
  4. What about expanded inventory?
  5. Do you have any new equipment?

Consider sending out a disaster plan awareness notification during hurricane season or before a winter storm hits. Don’t just ask if they’re prepared or if they have a plan in place. Give them access to an action plan & other resources available in the app. It lets your customers know you’re looking out for them before, during and after events occur. When you do this you increase your value to customers by offering immediately available solutions right at their fingertips.

Personal lines should stay focused on the individual customer. Create and target your messages to specific subgroups and keep them relevant. If you have renters make it about issues renters should know about. Highlight the importance of making a property inventory in case of theft or fire. You can remind customers it’s time to reassess their policy for renewal and to help them look for potential discounts and savings link them to a survey. Be creative and personalize each messages to have the most impact! Remember, the right push notification engages you with your clients and your clients with your app by bringing your services right to them.

When an individual looks at their phone and reads a valuable message from their trusted insurance agent, they’re likely to pay attention. Studies show that nearly 65% of users return to an app within 30 days when push is enabled. Push notifications can reaffirm that something is happening as expected, to alert that something unexpected is taking place or to spur action. You just have to consider each customer and their journey.