Insurance Agent App’s integration with QQCatalyst makes it easy to connect your agency management system with your own custom branded app, allowing you to reap major benefits!   

While many tech-driven tools now clutter the market in a bid to help agencies improve onboarding and reporting, QQCatalyst remains one of the industry’s most versatile management systems. It’s an incredible platform to manage an insurance agency, but its ability to service and engage your clients has limits.

Business is increasingly competitive, particularly in the insurance industry. As an insurance agency owner, you want to stay ahead of the competition. And one of the best ways to do that is to take advantage of tech tools that gain, engage, and retain customers.

Keep reading to explore how you can improve your engagement, efficiency, and profitability with Insurance Agent App’s integration with QQCatalyst!

The Importance of Moving Your Insurance Business into the Mobile Space

Finger hovering over Insurance Agent App icon displayed on mobile device.

Smartphones help users be more productive whenever and wherever they want… More and more interactions and transactions happen via smartphones, so it’s critical you leverage this platform.

Today, nearly everyone has a smartphone – there are over 260 million smartphone users in the United States alone. These people are your customers, and they expect your services to be available on their smartphone just like any other important service(s).

Now, let’s get to HOW the right mobile app helps your business make money

  • It strengthens customer relationships.
  • It encourages effective agency management practices. 
  • It creates efficiency in sharing knowledge and information. 
  • It helps agencies gain a competitive edge. 
  • It allows agencies to maximize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to existing customers within the app. 

Ultimately, deploying a branded app for your agency gives you the opportunity to delight customers, increasing referrals and retention.

The Benefits of Insurance Agent App’s Integration with QQCatalyst 

Since you’re here, chances are you’re already using QQCatalyst. And if that’s the case, taking advantage of Insurance Agent App’s QQCatalyst integration will increase productivity, profitability, and business agility. 

If that sounds too good to be true, then it is worth exploring how you can optimize engagement and service by deploying Insurance Agent App as your on-demand mobile service platform.

Here are just some of the ways Insurance Agent App and its integration with QQCatalyst can benefit your agency…

1) Insurance Agent App Improves Engagement

People use smartphones to be more productive with their service providers, and it shouldn’t be any different for insurance. Your agency can deploy an app to help your clients be more productive while expanding engagement opportunities, reducing engagement friction, increasing service options, and containing them within your agency’s app.

Freedom and flexibility are aspects of customer service that we all appreciate. Incorporate all essential information in your app, and you will thrill policyholders. Deploying a mobile app service platform is one of the most effective ways to empower and engage your clients. It also removes the need for clients to look for your agency via search engines like Google – because if your clients conduct a web search for your agency, they will be retargeted with insurance-related advertising. (That is NOT the environment you want to put your clients into!)

The ideal agency anticipates client needs and provides solutions. 

You don’t diminish your relationship by giving your clients access to resources, policy details, ID cards, bill pay, and claims reporting. Instead, you gain everything by making it easy for clients to work with you, establishing a spot on your client’s smartphone, and solidifying your agency as an insurance expert.

2) It Increases Customer Retention

Business success relies on how well you retain your customers. The Insurance Agent App helps you engage your customers by strengthening interactions between the agency and policyholders and vice versa.

Perception is reality. When you provide an easy-to-use digital service platform, it reinforces your agency as an insurance authority for your clients. It’s also an exciting way to use today’s tech to contain and nurture your clients!

By keeping your brand in front of clients when they have questions, need to pay bills, require access to policy info, need to report a claim, etc., you create an association as the trusted advisor who is always present before, during, and after events happen. 

It’s well-documented that it’s a lot more expensive – 5X more expensive – to acquire clients than to retain them. 

Doesn’t it make sense to keep the ones you’ve already got? 

Mobile apps are known for being sticky – once your agency has established real estate on your client’s smartphone, your agency will have that presence for a long time!

3) It Increases Convenience and Reduces Service Workload 

Finger hovering over Insurance Agent App icon displayed on mobile device.

There are many services that you and your CSRs perform for clients. Sometimes, everything can get overwhelming. We understand this because that’s what agencies tell us.

But, integrating Insurance Agent App with Vertafore’s QQCatalyst reduces your agency’s service workload by a lot. Without the app, your clients will reach out to you for all their inquiries because they have no other option. Inevitably, this takes a lot of your agency’s time. 

Insurance Agent App is engineered to integrate with your QQCatalyst agency management system in minutes. 

Seamless automation with QQCatalyst means clients see policy updates within 24 hours. It’s like having a full-time CSR at a fraction of the cost!

The app provides your clients access to resources and information 24/7. That brings convenience, flexibility, and freedom to the customers. It also reduces basic inquiries and increases your agency’s time for essential interactions.

Integrate Insurance Agent App with QQCatalyst

Insurance Agent App is the most comprehensive mobile app service platform for agencies using QQCatalyst. The integration allows your agency to reduce service workload, increase retention, and empower customers.

Taking advantage of Insurance Agent App’s integration with QQCatalyst is beneficial to both you and your clients. It creates unrivaled efficiency and lets your clients enjoy engagement simply and quickly. Best of all, the integration setup is a breeze. 

Learn more about what the Insurance Agent App service platform can do for your QQCatalyst-managed agency by scheduling a demo.