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Before dedicating a portion of your agency’s budget to a mobile app, you need to understand the value of your investment and how a mobile app pays back. So how can a mobile app contribute to your company’s bottom line? Customers engage with brands via mobile now more than ever and using a personalized company app has great rewards when it comes to customer engagement and experience. Let’s dig into the top three reasons:

  1. Customer retention is not an easy feat in a world where there are a plethora of daily distractions and new services. But a comprehensive and thoughtful mobile strategy can help build long-lasting client relationships.

Clients who download a mobile app already know you and want to continue their relationship with you. And the more a user interacts with your app, the more likely they are to realize what it is you can do for them–especially since an app provides access to reports and tools unavailable on your website. These more involved interactions give you an opportunity to analyze a user’s interests and deliver targeted messages. That way, you can build recognition, stand out from the competition and cultivate customer loyalty–making them come back time and time again for their insurance needs.

  1. Natural Cross Sell Opportunities Today’s clients demand on-the-go accessibility. A mobile app gives them just that–and provides serious value if they can research types of insurance or quickly access information or to perform tasks on their own, like updating their home inventory, reporting a claim. The easier you make things for a consumer, the better. The more approachable you are, the better. And the more responsive you are in a time of need, the more they’ll remember the service you provided. The more frictionless you make asking for a quote, submitting a change request and using AI to get suggestions for appropriate cross products the more the client will stay with you.

Since a mobile app helps customers stay in touch, manage policies and ask better questions, you’ll build deeper relationships and stronger connections throughout every touch point. Plus, the more differentiated services and functions you provide via the app translate into a greater value for the end user.

  1. Better customer relations. A mobile app enables you to provide more personalized communication with each and every customer. For example, a push notification or important alert that arrives instantly on a client’s phone shows them you care and want to keep them informed. If they hear from after a hail storm, flood, or any localized event, or when new drivers take to the road they know you are there to help right when they need it.

It’s this personal experience and engagement that shifts a consumer’s viewpoint. You’re no longer an insurance agency they rarely hear from, but rather a human organization who is here to listen and help. Putting a personalized voice to your in-app communication efforts will foster meaningful relationships with your customers.

Your mobile app pays back by helping clients have the tools they need right when they need them, access to the information they want right at the moment they want it, and by delivering relevant personal communication right to  their device.

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